Plein Air Salon Concert Extra!

Concert and Talk by Akwaba Cultural Exchange Sunday, August 26, 2012 from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM -to reserve seats/tickets call 416 487 0705 or go to
Akwaba Cultural Exchange presents: Music in African Life : the role of traditional music in Africa Jean Assamoa will share the omnipresence of music in African life that gives a boost in activities such as farming, fishing, hunting.Traditional music has always been a lively example of cultural heritage of Africa. We found its roots in century old customs, rituals and ideas. Music summerizes the spirit of the ancestors, it supports the rendering of oral histories, stories, poetry, family trees, proverbs and legends. - Jean Assamoa, Founder/Artistic Director of Akwaba Cultural Exchange followed by a concert Akwaba Spirit - a performance of Tradional African rhythms that mark the abundance of the harvest or of the hunt, and reflect man's link with the supernatural alternating solo and ensemble exceptional event for your enjoyment