Workshop Registration Form

To ensure success, registration and fee must reach AGC no later than 5 days before the workshop date. Please register in person or by postal mail.
No registration is accepted at the time of a workshop.

Please copy the form below to a Word document and print out:

Date ________________

Please Fill in Registration Information below
Mail with Registration fee only*
(cheque or money order payable to:
The Committee for Visual Education)
AGC Registrar,x
345 Balliol St. ,

Toronto, ON. , M4S 1E1

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Phone #_____________________
Postal Code_________
Email __________________________________________

Workshop Selection(s)
Code____ Date_______Title_____________________________Reg. Fee $______

Code____Date_______Title_____________________________ Reg. Fee $______

= total registration $__________

I have read terms and conditions of registration at

Registrant signature _____________________________
( Parent/Guardian signature for youths between 14 – 18 yrs. Old )....
  • *Material fee is paid directly to the Artist/Instructor during the workshop
  • Do not include in registration payment.
  • Please keep a copy for your own records.
  • Groups of 4 or more students may arrange an alternate date/time for a workshop by contacting AGC Registrar: 416 487 0705