Community Arts Projects

Our Art Our Stories- art by Syrian Newcomers
Over the past 2 months I have been working with several talented local artists and an extraordinary group of young Syrian newcomers. These studio sessions have been enriching both creatively and personally for all involved. We're very excited to share what these emerging artists have created over their brief time at ArtHeart Community Art Centre , Daniels Spectrum. Their show of unique, expressive  and original works,

"Our Art Our Stories", is having a special "Syrian Night" opening

Wednesday, April 11 from 6-8 pm

I'm hoping you can join us
to celebrate the artists and their works.
RSVPs welcome at the link below..
Best regards,
Susan L. Brown
artist-volunteer Artheart

Look Up ...! DVAC creates beautiful ceiling tiles for Sunnybrook Hospital
On Saturday, March 10, an enthusiastic group of painters assembled at the Don Valley
Art Club to work on a very special project. I was thrilled to be included. My contribution is
a 'Hearty" Angel.. "Angel Heart", Susan L. Brown
You may have noticed, if you visit Sunnybrook Hospital, that in various wards or in 
hallways and in "Emerg" there are beautiful painted acoustic ceiling tiles installed. Many have
been painted by local artists. This year DVAC artists were invited, for a second time,
to contribute colourful, imaginative images to the hospital environment.
The subjects for the panels varied with the artists, including landscapes, animals, imaginary
scenes and figures.
On entering the DVAC studio you would have seen a forest of easels and tables with more than
a dozen artists concentrating on was a wonderful and productive gathering.
Thanks to Susan Abbott (DVAC) and Sunnybrook hospital for organizing this great community arts
activity. The “Joy of Life Ceiling Tile Project” started about 20 years ago, and has beautified many areas of the hospital. To read more about the program, click here:
Here are several photos of artists at work.

 artist, Joan MacDonald
 Artist, Hanifa Mamujee

Remember to Look Up ! when next visiting Sunnybrook Hospital...

Susan L Brown